how DO we rest?

As I’ve said, I don’t rest well. But I have figured out a few methods that aid in the process. Here they are:

Bubble Baths. First and foremost, let’s get the cliches out of the way. Personally, I am in LOVE with Lush’s reusable bubble bars, but if you’re looking for a decent bath in a pinch, might I suggest pouring a little sweet (or sultry) smelling shower gel in while the bath water runs? Seasonal scents from Bath and Body Works are pretty much already in most of our homes (especially when it comes to the classic fall and winter selections), and those bottles last a looonnng time.

Watch Something Foreign. It may not sound like the most relaxing thing, but think about it this way: most of our unrest is in our heads. It’s in the twirling, swirling, spiraling thoughts. But when we’re entirely dependent on subtitles, we have no choice but to be in the present – otherwise….what just happened? For a seasonal fix, try Home for Christmas (we can’t wait for Season 2 on December 18th) + Over Christmas on Netflix.

Set Small Daily Goals AND a Cut-Off Time. If dinner is at 7:00, don’t allow yourself to work or worry past that time, unless absolutely necessary. Sometimes, we have to schedule our resting time, otherwise it won’t happen. Setting achievable goals helps us end our days feeling more accomplished – and sometimes allows us to complete even more than we intended.

If you have to be out in the holiday traffic (or even work) traffic rush, Take a Deep Breath. Don’t let the people riding on your tail or swerving around you drag you into their unnecessary anxiety. Play some calming Christmas music or dive into a podcast. Learn to enjoy what you see and experience. If you’re at the mall, stay safe and respect procedures, but don’t let that outweigh the beauty of the decorations or the kids dressed up to see Santa. Grab a coffee for your ride home. Make it an experience that’s all yours.

Get out and take a walk – Friluftsliv! (click on the link – it’s worth it) Lately, I’ve been loving a cold outside walk. The chill of the air keeps me present and reminds me how unique and promising the winter season can be. Noticing the squirrels and chipmunks, keeping my eyes open for a rogue goat who’s broken out of the pen, collecting acorns and pretty leaves are all ways that I escape – even for just a short while.

Color, Sketch, or Doodle with Zero Pressure. Coloring has been a blossoming adult activity for years now, but there’s really something to it. I love sketching or painting song lyrics while a movie plays in the background, knowing that it’s just for me and all the pressure that might rise up for perfectionism can disappear.

Stop Beating Yourself Up About It…and ENJOY. (The rest, I mean.) Like I’ve said before, if all we do is hustle, there is no joy. There is no peace. There is no space to breathe or restore. Of course, don’t sit on the couch all day – unless you’re sick and you need to. But know that it’s completely okay to admit when you need to take a break. And take one, in whatever way works best for you. Feeling guilty only fills your rest with unrest.