fall of intentions

It’s at least once a week that I ask myself, How do they do it?

How do (the elusive) they institute change in themselves?

How do they allow new rituals and routines into their daily lives?

How do they get better?

How do they stay there?

Well, I’ve finally realized the answer. And it’s that they choose to do something – and then they stick with it. They practice. They perfect. They make the necessary changes. But they keep going. That’s it! They keep. going.

I don’t know how many times I’ve promised myself that I’ll just repeat 3 affirmations every morning, or wake up and meditate, or do yoga before bed, only to forget a day later. I mean, if I’d actually instituted the changes in my life that I’ve craved for the last dozen years or so, I’d probably have lived 3,000 lifetimes by now. But I’m TERRIBLE at keeping promises to myself. And I’m even MORE terrible at doing the things I set out to do.

Now, that’s about to change. Today. With this, my Fall of Intentions.

Did you know that the term equinox actually means “equal night”? As in, twice a year, day and night are equal, which is common sense given our knowledge of the Earth and the Sun, but is also a rather beautiful symbol of balance – which is something we’re all looking for, right?

It’s during this fall season that our minds and bodies begin to reflect on the growth we’ve experienced throughout the year – on the harvest we’ve reaped – as we also prepare for the renewal that winter brings as it forces us to settle in and snuggle deep, a respite from the brutal heat and constant action of summer.

But why does it matter so much this year? Probably because it’s 2020 and nothing’s out of the question, anymore. Plus, in less than a month, I’m turning 30. And despite my efforts to let go of the good ole Milestone Mentality, the melodramatic in me can’t help but pay homage to the significance of entering my own new decade. Because if there’s one good thing to come out of this year, out of this quarantine, out of months full of broken promises, then I want it to be the sensation that I did something. That I finally learned to put my head down and try.

I know exactly why this year hasn’t gone as planned, but #2020 is only a convenient backing track to the true problem – that I don’t know how to commit to my own well-being.

So, while I’m not going to lay down the law about meditating every morning before work (cuz hell, y’all, I’m supposed to be there by 6:30 AM!), I am going to commit to a daily conversation with myself for the next month. One in which I must fill in the blank at the end of this statement:

Today, I want to believe in the magic of ______________

and make it a sacred part of my day.

At the very least, the promise I’m making to myself is to believe in something new and different every morning. To look for something good – something impossibly possible.

It’s not about imagining a world full of unicorns or flying broomsticks. It’s not about wishing for money or popularity. It’s simply about seeing myself as I want to be seen…and then, seeing where that takes me and crossing my fingers that I come out at the end of it with some good news to report.

Here are the questions guiding me on this journey:

Why does this season matter?

What do I want to gain?

Who do I want to become?

How will I do it?

To make it fun, I’ve created a little journal that will be FULL (Full? Fall? Get it?) of my intentions. Each day, I’ll write a statement to myself – and then, I get to make it pretty, artistic, and creative. It’s not difficult, time-consuming, or stressful, so it feels like the perfect place to start. As the days go on, I’ll challenge myself to make these beliefs a reality – whether that means meditating, finding confidence in taking new actions, or simply lighting a candle and taking an intentional bath on these cold autumn nights (because they’re actually here – can you believe that?)

So, if you find yourself feeling a little bleh about your 2020 so far, I hope you’ll join me in this new Fall of Intentions ritual. Make it meaningful to you – make it your own. Use it to fuel YOUR creative energies – whether that’s painting, writing, or metalwork. And if being more vulnerable and honest is part of your intention, tag me @simpleandgoodblog – I’d love to support you and see what you’re up to, too.