where do we go from here? a simple + good recap

We’ve talked about things that matter.

We’ve talked about letting go of the milestone mentality and knowing who we are.

We’ve talked about learning to listen, to both the world and ourselves, and about reckoning with the reality of our creative dreams.

But none of these things are true qualities of simplicity. Heck, this may not be the #simpleliving that you were looking for. And that’s okay. None of these challenges are meant to come with an instant answer or the antidote to all of our supposed problems.

So where do we go from here? What does it all mean? What comes next?

I don’t know, y’all. I really don’t know.

But what I do know is that each of these things is something that must be practiced on a daily basis. Because every day, we will be presented with unique and unexpected challenges that will cover us up in jealousy or challenge every truth we thought we believed about ourselves. Every month, we will change with our life experiences and accumulated knowledge. Every year, we will grow older, our friends will buy houses and have babies, our careers will change, and with that, our passions and interests will ebb and flow, as well.

Think of it like a ferris wheel, like a carousel, like a pinwheel. We know we’re going to keep spinning round and round, but so long as we keep our eyes open, we’re bound to discover something new along the way.

Here is my philosophy:

A life that is simple + good is not easy. It is full of challenges and struggles and uncertainties. Whether you’re pursuing the quintessential simplicity of minimalism, learning to homestead, or trying to figure out how your hobby can support you full-time, there’s work involved! But if we can create a daily habit of staying in touch with ourselves, then we will be filled with direction and purpose. We might not know exactly where we’re headed, but we will be able to move ourselves towards the next right thing, even if that just means that when someone asks what we want for dinner, we have the perfect answer cued up and ready to go.

For me, an act even as simple as that is often a struggle. And that’s why I’m so desperate to keep learning (and often failing) and learning again to love, accept, and support myself. That’s why I’m building Simple + Good. I have a bad habit of making things too complex by worrying about what other people want and need and how my cravings and interests and passions might disrupt their world. But NEWS FLASH: That’s not my life. In fact, that’s the very opposite of living my own life. And if you’ve ever felt that way – like you’re living to please everyone but yourself – then you’re just as in need of all this as I am. And together, we’re going to keep working through it. Piece by piece, day by day. Building a life that is simple + good.