simply being : 4.10.20

Keeping it simple shouldn’t be hard, right? Well…..let’s just say I always make things into a bigger job than they need to be. So, in an effort to slow my roll AND give you a glimpse into my city-gone-country life, I’ve decided to do just that. Here’s a short, sweet, picturesque look into the last week:


“That’s the Way That The World Goes Round” by John Prine

After John Prine’s death this week, I was digging into his catalog and remembered this little tune that Miranda Lambert covered on her 2009 album, Revolution. This song always struck me as a “Well, it is what it is, and what it is, is crazy” kind of vibe – which is a darkly humorous way of describing how we all feel right now. Plus, the little way he shrugs and says the title before the music comes in is pretty perfect. RIP John.


Climate Change, Sustainable Fashion, The End of Days. . .It’ll boggle your mind, but it’s fascinating to think about. I’ve been diving into sustainable fashion for a few years now, but puzzling together how our world’s health, our bodies’ health, and the way that large industries play a role a role in all of it is just crazy to me. It’s scary, but hopeful, too. Recognizing the problem is the first step, right?


Glennon Doyle’s Morning Family Meetings on her Instagram are such a light in my day. Every morning, she films herself talking – no makeup, no false truths – in a way that captures what so many of us are feeling in a way that assures us we’re not alone. Even the people who tell us it’s okay have their own moments of struggle.


My time on social media. With all this down time, I’m falling back into bad habits and I know it’s time to start restricting again.


Using my new She Shed office. I’ve been having a helluva time getting motivated to sit down and focus on writing the last few weeks, but having a small space to go that signifies “Work Time” is so important. Aparently all I’ve needed is a shaggy rug, a floor cushion, two small side tables pushed together to make a tiny desk, and a big cup of coffee.


Did you know that the average goat produces a low-grade (but VERY soft) natural cashmere? Hank (my OG – “Original Goat”) has a thick coat of hair that produces the softest undercoat in the winter. Now that the weather’s warmer, he’s shedding. Seriously, this stuff comes out in huge chunks. And it’s soft, it smells a little bit like a subtle cologne, and I literally don’t know what to do with it aside from roll it around in my hands as a sort of tactile therapy.


These Banana Oatmeal Cookies aren’t much to look at, but they sure are addictive. Quick, easy, and delicious!