pivoting with purpose

There are three hats hanging by the large mirror propped up against the wall in our bedroom:

One, bought in Texas by my aunt several decades ago, a reminder of my past and the ties it holds to my future.

The other, my token Wild Woman brown suede wide-brimmer, bought last summer in an attempt to rebrand myself for the “very last time.”

And the third, a lighter option, made from straw, which made much more sense to wear in the summer, but still never felt quite right.

These hats hang there, mostly untouched, and mostly because it’s winter and they don’t stand a chance against my cozy knit beanies. I love to look at them, but the truth remains that they are decorations. They are memories. They are an aesthetic. And they are only a very small part of me, from a point in time; a past desire to be someone or something else.

Lately, I’ve been facing the fact that I allow my rebrands to be defined by the items I can acquire in their midst. Because that’s the fun of it, right? Defining the rebrand, fine-tuning it to perfection. Hoping for the future. Wearing the hat, quite literally, to make you feel like the woman you want to be.

But lately, I’ve been questioning all of it. Rebrands, it seems, are an excuse for me to remain inconsistent. They’re an opportunity for me to redress, to redecorate, to research and obsess and try for a little while before changing my mind. When I begin to lose sight of who I am, I instead come here to write the encouraging words I need to hear – words that distract me from my original intent and lead me towards yet another pivot point. Those words, in their simplest form, are at the root of who I am. But it’s my tendency to rebrand that gets the best of me, that takes me away from that place in which I can and must create, and instead get bogged down in the process.

I’ll be honest: most days, I don’t know what I’m doing. I get wrapped up in the hustle, the routine, the running to Target for cat food and coffee, the hope to build something great when I get home eventually replaced by the lure of the couch and the call of the latest Netflix bingeworthy series. But what I’m doing, really, is running away from the hard work – from the quiet time needed to truly reflect, to create, to focus and center.

My purest desires are set aside, replaced by the casual Instagram scroll through new ideas and distractions. Hats are left hanging on the wall. Notebooks are accumulated and left blank. Thoughts build up like heavy weights in my head, in my shoulders, my chest, and my calves. And before too long, I’ve lost sight of what I want, because I know I’m only going to change my mind soon enough, anyways.

Rebrands are not a healthy vessel for me. My original intent with A Necessary Rebrand was to replace the hustle of my city life with an appreciation for the natural, simpler world I was discovering on the farm. But in trying to build that perfect brand in the sweet spot of the juxtaposition between those two halves, I lost myself. And I’ve spent the last several years grasping at new ideas to make my rebrand into what it was never meant to be – something grandiose, impressive, and picture perfect.

But no more.

Simple + Good – these are the words that have been tugging at my heart for the last three months, words that I hoped could fit into the rebrand but which I now know must become their own new more sustainable brand and way of living.

These words, I’ve realized, deserve commitment from me. They deserve a new home, a safe place away from the tendency to change and flux to a point beyond recognition. They deserve the opportunity to be cherished, cultivated, and maintained. These words, I believe, will bring me to a place in which I can truly examine what brings me peace, clarity, gratitude, and joy. Without embracing them fully, I’m afraid I’ll just slip into another quick fix, another shoddy repair job in no-man’s land.

Walking away from A Necessary Rebrand feels like a drastic shift. It feels crazy. It feels like something I could regret. But there is more harm in holding onto an idea that holds you back than in embracing the opportunity to step forward into something new and meaningful.

And when that something new is something that doesn’t require anything but what I already have, well, that seems like the perfect pivot towards a true purpose.

In short, this weekend ANecessaryRebrand.com will become SimpleAndGoodBlog.com. Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook – all of those things will change as well. This shouldn’t affect any of you who are already following me, but I do encourage you to subscribe so you don’t miss out on the slew of new posts that should be rolling throughout the rest of this month. I’ll still be offering the same words of hope and encouragement, but also my journey towards simplicity and sustainability as I learn, experiment, and grow through this process.