just be : why i’m taking a social media break

….Does anyone else feel like there’s just too much damn stuff to do?

Like, it’s not enough anymore to have Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You need to do live videos and stories and screenshot and direct message. You need to be alert to every incoming text, email, update, and trend. Use hashtags – but not too many. And be unique when you do – but not so unique that you’ll never be found. Because wouldn’t that be a tragedy?

It’s even more fun when you live in an area with bad service and you can’t respond to many of these messages with regularity, so people begin think you’re mad – or ignoring them – or perhaps even dead.

All of these things that were once fun and exciting have become tools and measures of our personal worth and success. We allow them to “fuel” us, to validate us, and to give us purpose.

Do you remember when your “brand” used to only be a passion or a hobby?

Now, it feels like it’s not enough to just write. One must PROVE that they’re writing or else who would believe it?

And then you need a blog. And that blog needs all it’s own social media. (Because if you’re not running at least 2 or 3 social accounts on every platform, what are you even doing with your life, right?)

And that social media can’t just be a normal page – oh NO. It needs to be a business account with a link tree, a shopify account, or whatever else is supposedly the latest and greatest mechanism to compete with everyone who wants to “sell” the same thing as you.

You must link to your content – in one of a hundred different ways – and take great pictures, and filter them with purchased presets and emojis.

You must respond to every like and love in a timely manner. (Again, you could be dead.)

You must constantly self-promote in new and exciting cohesive ways.

And God forbid you have the time to work on something that’s just for you – because who will ever know who you are if you don’t document every detail?

Or what when you have good intentions but forget to share because you were so busy trying to dream up the perfect caption? The moment is seemingly lost forever and there’s no use going back because things are changing every day.

Does that ever happen to you?

Because it happens to me all the time. And you know what? I’m finally sick of it.

Sometimes we need to just be. Sometimes we need to stop listening to all the shoulds and coulds and just focus on our real lives. Sometimes we need to do the things that are highly unimpressive, like getting the laundry done and keeping our sink clean – the things that will leave us so pleasantly and exquisitely happy with ourselves, because we finally managed to accomplish something in the privacy of our own minds.

It’s not so much that anyone is pressuring me to do all the things. It’s more like I’m finally realizing how I’ve allowed myself to be immersed in all of it on a daily basis and therefore set myself up with the mindset that I’m not doing enough. “Enough”. What a trigger word that is.

So aside from work-related duties, I’ve decided to take a much-needed break. I’m looking away. I’m going social media dark. I’m going to relish in the beginning of this holiday season, taking my time, finding joy in the little things, and not worrying about what I’m neglecting to share online. I’m quitting the mindless scrolling. I’m quitting the self-promotion. And I’m doing my best to quit the comparison game.

I don’t see this as giving up. I don’t see it as being lazy. I see it as a refresh, a new page turned, an opportunity to be in true static silence and observe what I want for myself, my writing, and my life.

At least until I feel like I have something really good to say – which could be next week, or sometime in January, for all I know.

In the meantime, I’ll be working on hands-on crafts, decorating my house for Christmas, and working on my secret novel.

Because sometimes life isn’t about being “on” all the time – being a #girlboss, a multi-passionate entrepreneur, or even a wild woman. Sometimes life is just about being: in the moment, in ourselves, and in our own physical piece of this world.