cheers to another new year!

Let’s be real: January is the worst possible time for us to reinvent ourselves and take a good hard look at what we need to be doing “better”.

Heck, we’ve just come off of three major holidays, most of which involve a lot of traveling, eating, drinking, and money spending. Of course we’re going to feel like we’re slacking. Of course we’re going to feel a need to diet, exercise, rejuvenate, and start something new. That’s what we’re told to do. That’s what the New Year is.

I wish it said ‘Rise’, but it doesn’t. So ‘Raise’ will have to do.
As in, Raise it up for the second coming of 2019!

But come January 1st, we’re not exactly in the proper mental state to be making major life decisions and committing to them. We’re overwhelmed. We’re tired. And we’re going back to work. It’s no wonder that everyone is giving up on their resolutions by January 12th.

January was a wild month for me. I rang in my New Year in Atlanta, after which point I rushed home to get my life in order. I had to be back at work by the 2nd and lead a retreat on goal setting by the 5th. I had no time to relax, to do the things I “wanted” to….and so I set a vague goal with the word ‘Aspire’. Luckily, I do feel like I’ve been aspiring this month, but mostly to my own detriment. I’ve been so obsessed with listening to podcasts, developing blog ideas, and stressing out over image quality and site design that I can hardly see straight. Though I have been posting here at least once or twice a week, which is a vast improvement that I can be proud of.

On top of that, January was the busiest month we’ve ever seen at the Colony, so as soon as I think I’ve got a minute of quiet, something inevitably goes wrong. The temperature is all up and down, there are meals to prepare, sheets to clean, beds to make – and then I go home and do it all again.

I have been in no shape to resolve to do anything personal this past month. At least not fully. My mind is tired, my shoulders ache, and I feel like I’m falling apart. I have a basket full of yarn waiting to be made into pom-poms (hey, remember about 2 months ago when I was a super-productive crafty lady? it feels like it’s been a lifetime.)

But now, for the most part, the rush is halting for several weeks. And today of all days marks the Chinese New Year. So I’ve decided I’m going to start anew. I’m going to have another new year. And this time, I’m getting all my shit in order FIRST.

My self-made planner/bullet journal is up and running. I’ve established a pretty good therapy journaling habit. My vision board is….well, it’s in process. And I’m 5 days into a 30-day yoga Youtube journey in preparation for next month’s Yoga & Writing retreat. Adriene’s pretty cool. You should check her out.

I’m also taking vitamins, flossing, and keeping up with a skincare routine that seems to be working. Look at me! I can commit!

That being said, I’m living proof that it’s A-OK to not get your goals and resolutions in order by January 1. Come on. Adulting is hard, but that doesn’t mean we’re incapable of getting it done. Sometimes there are simply more pressing issues to be taken care of before we can embark on a social media self care challenge. So long as we’re stepping forward, improving, and feeling good about it….we’re on our own time.

So if you’re feeling discouraged about that resolution you’ve slacked on, re-start NOW. Go get some Chinese takeout (unless your resolution is to stop getting Chinese takeout) and sit down with your thoughts and your journals and start dreaming. Start planning. Start doing. If you “fail” again….just start over.