you’re darn RIGHT Christmas time is here

The last couple days have been downright dreary.

The sky has been an impenetrable shade of grey – the kind that blurs out the hills across the road and makes it look like snow is possible, yet…no snow ever comes. At least if we had a little snow, the world might look a little brighter; some amount of light hopefully reflecting off of its blank canvas.

But no, we’ve only had rain. Which means everything is not only grey, but smeared brown with mud. The driveway is a series of puddles made to be avoided. The goats are convinced that they’re starving and hasten to jump  on you the moment you enter their pasture. The dog, on the other hand, has decided to completely neglect her meals in exchange for eating all the goat feed, which then leaves the goats even more desperate to the point that they just stand at the fence, sad and wet, and scream at you every time you drive past.

The baby just screams because, now that he’s out of his little fenced-in haven, he can’t seem to tell the difference between his mom and the dog. Which is adorable, but frustrating when the rain is pouring down and you want to be sure he doesn’t drive himself into the electric fence hoping to find one or the other.

I know, I know I shouldn’t be mad. They’re all pretty precious, now, aren’t they?


But seriously, it’s so cold out that my coffee refuses to stay warm for more than five minutes regardless of whether I’m inside or outside…and I’m a slow drinker, so that’s a big problem. But you know what? At least it’s candy cane coffee. Which, come to think of it, has inspired me with a little solution to this SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) mood I find myself in.

Here in Tennessee I’ve experienced 70 degree weather on Christmas Day. It’s not entirely uncommon. But here we are, one week out from Thanksgiving, and we have yet to get out of the 40s in the past five days. It’s never felt like winter so early in my time living in Tennessee. So if there ever was a non-obscene time to get into the Christmas spirit, this is it. There’s a lot of controversy out there surrounding when it is “acceptable” to get your Christmas on, and I’ve been trying real hard to wait until Black Friday. But I think that’s just making me more miserable.

So guess what? I’m decorating. Tonight.

No more waiting, folks! I think I might put on a Christmas movie, (finally) take down my little Halloween shrine and then, although I do still have some pumpkins that must be worked into the decor before Thanksgiving because I paid for them and they must be used in a space that the cats cannot reach before they become a mute point, I’m going to sprinkle in some Christmas. I’m going to embrace the cold. I’m going to allow myself to be joyful. I’m going to welcome Christmas a week earlier than planned.

Sue me. 

Why should we deny ourselves something we want when it’s not going to hurt anybody AND it’s practically guaranteed to make our spirits a little bit brighter?

There’s a reason we like things to be pretty and lit up during the winter – because we need them to be. It’s how we escape what is otherwise a very dark and miserable time. And that’s what’s getting me down right now – the DARK. The COLD. The LACK OF CHRISTMAS. I’m going to take this matter into my own hands. I’ve already started giving up on goals this month (see an upcoming NaNoWriMo post soon), so what’s the harm in letting down one more? I’m just going bite the bullet and fix this little issue by adhering to the rules set forth by the gods of Instagram:

Screenshot 2018-11-15 at 12.09.14 PM

(Ed. Note: This post was written yesterday. For those of you also in Tennessee, we’re looking at a Friday that will be Sunny & 55. Woohoo!)