practice : a meditation

Practice saying “Thank You”.

Practice smiling.

Practice not hiding.

Practice being seen.

Practice knowing yourself and being known.

Practice creativity.

Practice breaking rituals, but

Practice finding order.

Practice eating well.

Practice indulgences.

Practice long walks and short runs and sweaty hands and

Practice feeling grateful for the strength you have been granted.

Practice not looking at the calories burned.

Practice looking in the mirror and saying “I love you”.

Practice zero social media.

Practice making everyone happy, No

Practice ‘Scratch That,’

Practice keeping You happy.

Practice showing up.

Practice laughing out loud.

Practice no expectations…

Practice feeling left out.

Practice knowing you’re not alone, but

Practice loneliness.

Practice enjoying the solitude.

Practice meditation.

Practice inhale, exhale, in through the nostrils, out through the lips.

Practice adventure.

Practice believing.

Practice being okay with the unknown.

Practice not picking and prying.

Practice hope.

Practice goals.

Practice being okay with not reaching them all. But still,

Practice sitting down and writing til your tendons ache and your mind can’t go on.

Practice staying in that moment.

Practice relishing it.

Practice breaking through it.

Practice completion.

Practice growth.

Practice success.

Practice self-acknowledgement.

Practice looking again in that mirror.

Practice feeling good.

               At the very least, just

Practice lying.