Last night I had the pleasure of attending my first Open Mic poetry night. I didn’t read….but it inspired me. It made me want to write something worth reading. It made me want to share my words. And that’s a new feeling I’m not quite used to.

The event was put on by a new friend of mine, a local poet and artist who is opening up a Writer’s Colony that just so happens to be on the same property that we board about a dozen horses on. She has already taught me so much about the importance of having a writing community and following your dreams….things I either haven’t really thought about as a writer or have struggled to do in a life fraught with sensible responsibilities. But there’s more on that to come. All I can say about it is this – the common favorite word that we not-so-ironically share: BELIEVE.

The beautiful thing about this poetry reading was its quaint, local feel. Housed in a tiny independent bookstore in a prestigious Franklin neighborhood, built on nagging dreams and irrefutable passions, the full room of people felt like a family. The majority of the attendees were older; primarily females. And several of them got up to share numerous poems they had written and even published in their own books. They were people I might never have encountered otherwise, from a whole other walk of life. Except for the fact that we weren’t all that different, finding commonality in our love of the written word.

Their poems ranged from long, passionately memorized tales derived from childhood photos to short, sweet, sobering snippets of lost love, loneliness and finding beauty in simple things.

Seeing and hearing these women share their hearts, in their unique voices and intonations, made my eyes tear up and my mind wander into my own rhymes. I’d been feeling so uninspired, trying to think up new posts for this blog and other projects. But suddenly the only thing I want to do is write – so much so that I almost thought of staying home today to do it.

The Open Mic is a monthly event that will take place throughout the summer, and I’m actually really excited about going back in June. It also didn’t hurt that I had good friends come alongside me – friends who wanted to be there, who appreciated what we were experiencing and who are supporting me on a new extension of my personal and professional journey. Again, more to come; I can’t spill all the beans just yet.

Let’s just say that things are getting really good. The stars are aligning. And I’m more excited for the future than I’ve been in a long, long time.

This short night of poetry was just the beginning.