the day after xmas [a poem]

Twas the day after Christmas

And the house…it was COLD.

They’d spent days up north

Where the snowy winds blowed.


But home on the farm had surprises in mind

And they came to the cabin, where something else they did find.

Their breath they could see

As they lit up a fire

And drank whiskey fixings

For heat to inspire.


But morning came quick and the wood soon ran out

So after some time they had spent on the town

They trudged through the pastures

And around a small creek

Sinking in mud that was hoped not to see.


This pioneer woman was all dressed in black

From the rain boots she wore

To the knit of her cap.

Her beau was all covered in new Christmas clothes

As he ripped through a tree with the chainsaw he chose.

Her lips, how they shuddered

As her feet sunk in deep.

His words, how they fluttered

As foul things he did speak.

Their spirits derailed

As they piled up logs

To find that the truck had sunk down in a bog!

Alas they were saved

By a quick towing job

Who could have expected

It would take them so long?


But soon they were nestled

Back snug in their home

Where the goats shrieked outside


And the cats left to roam.

The fire, it glistened.

Their cheeks were now red.

They had done some good work

And were ready for bed.


Merry (2 Days After) Christmas to You & Yours…From Us & Ours ❤