a good kind of chill

I was driving to work this morning, wishing I was still huddled in a blanket watching GMA from my sofa, when the heat of my car really kicked in, and the scent of my Flannel scentportable took over, and I was all bundled up in a bright red scarf….so of course I just had to stream some Kelly Clarkson Christmas through my stereo system. And suddenly, just like that, I was transported. I felt so suddenly happy. Unburdened. Utterly Comfortable. Brand New.

After a hot as hell summer and a fall that ebbed and flowed for weeks, I’m finally starting to feel like winter is coming….and I couldn’t be more jazzed about it. Every year, I go through a personal push & pull between Christmas coming before Halloween and having to wait until Thanksgiving to even be able to process it.

And this year, I want it now. Right. Now.

So given that we’re a week out from Turkey Day, I feel like I can finally start to embrace what I really want….a few winter decorations have made their way to the coffee table and I may have created a special playlist on Spotify. I’ve also pulled out a couple of special Bath and Body Works candles, watched half of a corny movie on Netflix and daydreamed about a way to get a tree into our house with two very rambunctious cats who will probably destroy it within 13.7 minutes.

Because this was my cat in a rug this morning:


But that’s what Christmas does for us (or at least most of us, I’d assume). When we’re weighed down by work and bills and responsibilities and big life decisions, we can escape for a month or so into a world of elves and sparkle and baking and songs we couldn’t forget if we tried. And despite the bad rap us holiday-lovers receive, is all that such a bad thing to want to cling to?

I say no. And I raise my glass of spiked eggnog high.

More to come…