Shoot. 27?

You know, it’s been a year since I really took off on this new blog and I’m quite proud of having kept up with it. Sure it’s no smash hit and my consistency rates leave room for improvement….but if I didn’t have room to grow then what would I do??

This last year has been full of changes – both good and bad – that have directly impacted who I am in this moment right now. I feel like this might have been one of my biggest years in that respect – though surely it won’t be the greatest.

Since I turned 26 last October, I lost my aunt; I celebrated my one-year anniversary and moved in with a boy who’s kinda sorta alright; I said goodbye to my first apartment and moved out to the country; I got TWO cats and a small flock of goats; I dented the tailgate of the farm truck (my first car “accident”) in an attempt to learn stick; I sweated down to my skivvies whilst lifting hundreds of hay bales – though that only marks a small percentage of the total collected; I quit a job on Music Row and took on another in Franklin – where, despite my defeats, I can see myself growing more knowledgeable, more tough and more confident on a daily basis; I traveled – a lot; and I lost my first pup to the rigors of farm life.

(For those of you who follow me on social media, you probably saw the cutest little ball of white fluff you’ve ever seen. Kelty was a happy-go-lucky little runt who got a tad too ambitious and ventured into a horse pasture in the dark of night. Unfortunately, he didn’t survive his excursion, and we buried him on Monday morning. It was a harsh reality and a massive learning experience….his sister Priscilla is now at home in a spacious retreat on the goat pasture – where there ain’t no way she’s running free until she’s grown.)

Still, I feel like in this last year, I’ve really begun to grow up. I’m getting my finances in order. I’m learning new things and opening my mind to new possibilities, dreaming dreams I never thought I’d dream. I’m seeing a future, and occasionally talking about weddings and kids. I’m visiting friends and family in their new domains – as we all move forward in our lives and discover where we might belong.

The beauty of it all is that I feel like I’m finally becoming more of the Me that I’m meant to be. I’m not there yet, but I’m getting closer. And maybe I feel like I’m getting older because everyone around me is, too. It’s not just about hitting double digits or hitting milestones at 16 and 21 – it’s simply about another year passing, and being able to take a good look at what’s happened since the last one. And it’s nice to be able to make a nice long list of it all when you do.

It may not sound like a lot, and it may be nothing compared to what others have accomplished in their 26th year – but me? I feel like I’m doing just fine. I’m doing more than I thought I would – more than I thought I could. And it can only get better from here.

So here’s to Year XXVII. Let’s stop getting reminiscent and start getting it started…


but just for a moment, RIP sweet baby pup