Spring is here, y’all. The temperature is slowly creeping up (and actually staying there!), the hills are greening, and I can even hear some birds chirping right this second. The farm is coming alive and I can finally eat my lunch outside in the midst of a long work day in the city. Phew!

I’ll be honest, though, it gets harder and harder to leave in the morning when you’re leaving something like this:

new horse shotThere’s just something about the springtime. Even if you’re stuck in an office, you just know you’re in the midst of this reawakening. It’s driving in the sunshine. It’s always being warm. It’s this unquenchable desire to brunch outside. And I’ve realized that this seasonal transition also has some major effects on my mood, my tastes and my inclinations. So here are the things that are getting me prepped for the coming months – and making me feel like I’m enjoying the outdoors even when I can’t.


Honeysuckle Candles – I don’t usually gravitate towards floral scents, but the freshness of honeysuckle hits me just right at this time of year. Come summer I’ll probably be craving something new, but for now, it makes me feel like flowers are blooming all over my desk. Which they never would, because I am absolutely terrible at maintaining greenery.

Coconut Scented Lotions, Oils – So I got the new Coco Shea body
butter from Bath and Body Works last weekend and would it sound weird if I said this stuff is practically my new lifeblood? Shoot, y’all. It smells SO Good.coco shea

Fruits & Veggies, and all things fruity and vegetably (sp?) – I should probably just get to gardening, but there’s still the whole technicality of keeping things alive, as mentioned above. Seriously, though, I feel like my eating habits get so much healthier this time of year – and it’s got nothing to do with a swimsuit, I swear…?

Freshly Painted ToesPink. Bright Pink.

Lush Magical Moringa – I may have already mentioned (or meant to mention) that I’m going through a sort of exploration with more natural – and a limited number of – products in my beauty routine. I finally decided to splurge a little and check out Lush….and after a little chit-chat with the sales girl, I left with this stuff. Let me tell you, it is BOMB – definitely not the average moisturizer, it’s practically solid, but melts in my fingertips and leaves my face so soft. It’s practically a moisturizer and a primer in one! I know I’ll be loving this even more come summertime.

Curious? Get some for yourself right here. You will NOT regret it!

90s Country Music


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Sunscreen. I know, I know, we should all be wearing it every day. But there’s something about those first few days that I have to slather on my Olay SPF 30 Moisturizer…it smells like sunshine. And I love it.

Ulta Bronzing Mousse – So I’m not the kind of blogger that has the luxury to do as she pleases every day. In fact, I barely have any vacation time at all this summer, and I’ll be wearing work-appropriate pants/capris every day aside from the weekends. So if I want to get that spring/summer-ready glow that’s subsided over the winter months, then I have to go artificial – and this is one of the most effective formulas I’ve tried. Plus, isn’t that better than tanning, anyways? Never mind the fact that I actually don’t hate the scent the way most people do….maybe it’s another one of those strange trigger scents that tells me the weather’s warm – like green grass, coconut, honeysuckle…and chemicals. YUM.

muddy boots

Hiking – Not very original to the season or to the #OptOutside mentality….but it’s become a habit that the bae and I are really committing to at least once (if not more) per weekend. Springtime just means I don’t have to wonder if I’ll be trekking through the snow or not (hopefully). Here in Nashville, we mostly stick to the Edwin and Percy Warner Parks, plus some secret spots we’ve discovered on our own. Of course, the dedication to this practice has left me with some antithetical Instagram shots. Those instafashionistas don’t even know the reality of what can happen to their cute lil duck boots. See photo for evidence.

So hopefully this little post will help get you amped for Spring and maybe introduce you to some new ideas and products. I know I can’t wait to get this season rollin’…!

Feel free to comment with your tips and tricks for the coming months. I’m always open to suggestions 🙂

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