create something…everyday.


After the move came the cold.

And I’m not talking about the weather or some icy argument that erupted over cabinet space; I’m simply talking about one of those debilitating runny noses that leaves you in a state of slump on the couch watching hours of Sex & the City. That being said, my creative mojos have been at a bit of a low this week. And that hasn’t boded well for getting things done around the house, either.

I’ve had this mantra set as my work computer wallpaper for the past several weeks, and I want to believe it’s encouraged and reminded me to keep this blog going. I don’t know how many of you are out there reading this, but what I’ve come to discover is – as much as I appreciate those of you that are – I don’t really care. Because this is for me as much as I hope it’s for you. It’s my creative outlet. And creating something doesn’t have to mean you’re supremely inventive or good with your hands or power tools or anything! It just has to mean that you’re taking a piece of yourself and putting it out there for the pure enjoyment of it. You challenge yourself, you open up, and you do what makes you happy. You use your mind and your imagination and…well, of course….your creativity. It’s good for the soul. Really!

So today I challenge you to find your creative outlet – whether it’s building furniture, or painting, or journaling, or baking a new dish. Just do something that makes you feel good. Something completely unrelated to your job, your tax returns, or your chores. It’s Saturday – this should be easy.

This weekend, I simply vow to create space in my new home*.  And that’s about it. Because if I spend any more time writing this post, I may not get up. So to the kitchen I go!

~~ h ~~

*I might be contradicting myself…is that a chore?
I’m gonna say no. I mean, organizing is decorating, right?
Even if you’re just trying to find out how many
more coffee mugs you can fit in the cupboard?


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