T minus … Nada?


Well, folks. The day has finally come. If you’d have told me a year ago today that I’d be moving out to the country and packing up all my stuff in a horse trailer….wait. hold up. Seriously, where would any of us have even come up with that scenario?? We wouldn’t have, not in our wildest dreams.

This is the start of a very new chapter, one I’ve never encountered before. And it’s incredibly exciting. It’s also incredibly stressful, regardless of the assurances I’ve been receiving over the past couple of weeks. And honestly, I’m more worried about the process of moving than the actual outcome of it. Despite some of the raised eyebrows I’ve received, I am fully confident in my decision. And as this post goes live, I am probably already somewhere in East Nashville deconstructing a bed and loading up a sofa. Within a few hours we’ll be en route to College Grove, and I won’t be back to that single girl apartment, except to turn in my keys.

It’s a relief

[I should probably mention that my upstairs neighbors’ new dishwasher decided to leak into my kitchen last weekend and put a hole in my ceiling]

and it’s a shock

[I can see horses from my window].

But this is real life. This is MY real life. And it’s only the beginning….the changes I encounter will probably lend to some interesting reads for y’all, or at least I hope so. I truly feel like I’m finally coming into my own…figuring out who and where I’m meant to be. Not to mention I’ve got a pretty awesome guy standing by my side throughout all of it.

So I shall keep ya posted – but for now I have to figure out where all my clothes and shoes are gonna go. Wish. me. luck!

~~ h ~~