(please, for all of our sakes, read that title along to the Ghostbusters theme)

In conjunction with my earlier post, I felt it was relevant to share some things that have been on my mind in terms of beating the so-called stress we so often lay on ourselves or let others throw upon us. (Plus, how DARE I write something so short! hahahahaha) But I won’t bore you with a lengthy lead-in….so here they are!


A friend recently told me that she’s begun meditating, just for 3 minutes every morning, and that it’s actually having a sincere effect on the course of her days. The process might sound daunting, but the beauty of this modern age means there’s an app for that! Try Calm or Breathe.

Organize | and | Settle.

The most nerve-wracking thing about dating someone who lives an hour south in rush hour traffic is all that driving back and forth and – being a girl – never knowing if you have what you’re going to “need”. I’ve basically been living out of a bag every weekend for the last 9 months, darting from one home to the other. But the beauty of this new arrangement is that I get to put ALL my stuff EVERYWHERE. And it’ll get to stay there! (He’s reaaalllly looking forward to it. Honestly.) Once the boxes are emptied, I’ll feel like a whole new person. I just know it. Plus, I’ll only have one location to worry about taking care of – and someone to split the duties with. Phew.

Get Outside

I am terrible at staying motivated when it comes to working out. I try 30-day squat challenges and Youtube videos, but there’s always an excuse or a kink in my daily plans. I say I’ll get a gym membership, but who wants to do that after a 9 hour woroutside.jpgk day? The thing is, I’m so much happier just going outside and walking around, and I’ve been embracing the natural beauty of middle Tennessee as an excuse to explore AND feel like I’m doing something with my body. Fresh air does wonders for the mind! In the meantime, I’ll keep trying at that 30-day challenge – artful living blog and I are holding each other accountable this time around!!

Have a Go-To Happy Playlist


This is so basic, but find the songs that make you smile and sing along. Make a playlist on your phone or Spotify or whatever, and turn it on after a long day at work (or during your long morning commute). If those songs start to lose their effect, get in there and switch em up! I’ve got a variety of “happy” lists: songs for a rainy day, songs for a bad day, songs that invoke nostalgia, guilty pleasure throwbacks. I mean, there’s a perfect time for all of it!

I’ve also been told to start using my long drives as a time to dig into several podcasts. Once I get a routine with those I’ll let y’all know – because what better way to distract yourself from the stress than by learning something new?

Stay Joyful

When life gets the better of you, just think of all the things you love. Think of what or who makes you happy. Think of why you’re here, what you’re working towards, who you’re doing it for (sometimes just doing it for yourself is all you need), and where it will get you. Be grateful. Give thanks. And stay joyful. Lord knows I can get in my head about every little thing, but at the end of the day, I must stay positive and push forward. And you should too! Letting the negative thoughts in will only give them power.

FYI, just saying these things already makes me feel more enlightened than I know I am.

Bubble Baths

Just do it. You won’t regret it. Also….shave in the tub. I just got a vintage gold safety razor and it honestly makes the experience so much more luxurious – plus, you have no choice but to focus on being in the moment, because if you let that mind wander you’ll most likely end up with a pretty nasty gash in your leg. Yikes!shave

Any other rules you abide by? Feel free to share! These things don’t all work for all of us, and I mean, can you really be TOO stress-free? I think not 😉

Until next time luvs ~~ h ~~