#inspired 2017: so many things!

Apparently sometime last week was officially the day when most of us drop our New Years Resolutions. Well, jokes on the statistics cuz I didn’t make any! I think for me, the start of the new year is just a time to be. Because if I can get through January without having a panic attack or dying from complete boredom and utter funk-mode, then I’ve done pretty damn well. Then, once I’ve settled into the year and finally become accustomed to not replacing the 7 of 2017 with a 6, I can start actually looking at how I’m going to self-improve. and no, these are still not resolutions. They are merely me coming to terms with things I’d like to accomplish and finally having the mindset to do something.

That all being said, I’ve been very into the idea of inspiration. What inspires us? And how does it? Why does it? Can it be captured on a vision board, or is it something deeper within us, nagging and pulling at our heartstrings and our brainwaves? Last year, I attempted to create a vision board in a fancy mirror frame.

0123161955I had just moved into my first grown-up single-girl apartment, and I had an idea of how I wanted to live and what I wanted that to look like. Red lips, glasses of champagne, high black heels, power blazers and statement bags. And sure, that does still come into play some days. But so much of that is just an image and a facade. Now, I want a lifestyle. I want a brand. And this year, I’m facing a lot of change, and a lot of reality. I feel more in touch with who I am and who I want to be, even if I don’t know exactly what that all looks like just yet. And so, here are a couple things inspiring me this February. If there’s anything I’ve learned in life, it’s that inspiration can stem from anything and everything, and it is always subject to change. As I’ve said before, I don’t want to be just one thing – I want to be a little bit of everything. I want to be uniquely me, and that means being a composite of everything that makes me, me. Least I think that’s how it works…

i ❤ the 70s16300258_10211724154687426_2572003297995063220_o

I am constantly enamored with 70s style and culture. Of course, my daily wardrobe would have you believing the complete opposite (I’m really working on my commitment
to neutrals). However, I love what it embodies – love and freedom and a peaceful breaking of the rules. Just, Cool.Ness. This attitude is what inspires me…in images, film and song. Plus, it ties me to my aunt, whom we lost just a month ago. Spirit, adventure, total badassery. I mean, this was her wedding dress!!

Pottery Barn & Cabins

Did you know you can take an old cabin apart and take it somewhere else and rebuild it? Even better,you can take THREE of them and put them all together into one BIG cabin? I didn’t either, but you’re welcome. Lots of cabin talk been going on in this new life of mine.  Now feast your eyes…OMG.


Lady Gaga: Body Confident

As a woman, you can seriously never have too many role models when it comes to this issue. The girl ain’t big, but she ain’t tiny either. And she’s strong. And talented. And an artist in every sense of the word. Let’s just say, watching this gal at the Super Bowl got me doing a few extra squats this week…while not having to feel too bad about the milkshake I indulged in on Tuesday. (beeteedubs the new Grilled Cheeserie brick & mortar shop has a SAMOAS milkshake. Y’all.)

Drew Barrymore’s ‘Sheila’ in Santa Clarita Diet

If you haven’t watched this Netflix original yet, you need to, STAT. And if you know what I’m talking about, no, I have zero desire to be a zombie or kill people and eat them. But I do feel like the deeper message in this show is about being the best you – about letting go of stress and expectations and just doing what you want to do, whatever makes you happy. Of course we can’t all go out and buy a Range Rover or tell our boss to fuck off but… you get the picture.

Finding ways to make coffee LUXURIOUS again

I’m seriously annoyed that it’s become more of a tool than an indulgence. I want to enjoy it again! Of course, I’d also like more time to lax on the couch in the mornings…but we can’t all be winners now, can we? However, I’m trying French Press, Chemex, my cute red automatic maker….now I just want something copper. Like This!

Milking goats? Maybe…

A year ago a complete stranger messaged me on a dating site referencing my love of goats and detailing how he had to wake up to their silly noises every morning. You roll your eyes, but this is what assured me that he was no ordinary dude. We began dating soon after. Well, due to some sad experiences and pesky neighbors, the goats are gone now. But a part of me wants to bring them back and build them this sanctuary…thing is I’d have to create a purpose for them. Maybe I could make soap? See, I’m about to be a ‘country’ girl with a 45 minute commute to a job in the city. Also see: Children’s Books Writer a la Funny Farm

She Sheds

As I stated before, I’m moving to the country. I’m moving to a bachelor’s cabin in the country. And I couldn’t be more excited about it! However….I’m going to need to ensure my she space. More on this to come.

Fresh Facin

There is a part of me that does genuinely enjoy makeup. However, I don’t want to use a lot. And should a day come around that I don’t want to have to put any on, I still want to feel confident and beautiful. That said, I’m all about what I can do right now to have a good base layer, just with my actual skin. I may be cursed with reliance on primer for the rest of my life, but any little things I can do to perfect what I’ve got naturally, I’m all about it. So….water, exercise, balanced diet and heavy chemicals that will shrink my pores and reduce redness, right? *insert cry laugh face here*


This is a new concept, for which I can’t take all (or any?) of the credit. Shout out, Webb! But I hope to make this something I begin incorporating into my future. I love winewhite-girl-rose, I love memoirs, and I love love love the two together. Simple quotes, chic-ified rural living, and 100% truth. Plus a dash of rosé.

So yeah, many many things going on and many more to come!

Cheers luvs ~~~ h